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It all began in 1999: Some passionate clubbers and DJs founded their own Brand. They were socialized by the early raves and warehouse parties of the 90s. This group was driven by the idea of creating their own individual clubwear collection for friends and for themselves: exclusive styles expressing an excessive attitude towards nighlife! This new brand should transport the founders' hedonistic idea of life in general. VSCT stands for "Virtual Street & Club Trade". The claim "ClubWe*ar" emphasizes the distinctive design of the collections, always referring to the different facettes & movements of the contemporary international clubscene.


The philosophy of VSCT is based on realness! The collection embodies and reflects hedonistic clubbing. Individuality is our belief. Pleasure and fairness characterise our brand's policy. Our desire is simple: 100% customer satisfaction obtained by handselected quality. Fight the mainsteam, stay individual!

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